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Bloom Gold - Shea Elixir 8ml Bekijk groter

Bloom Gold - Shea Elixir 8ml

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Bloom Gold - Shea Elixir 8ml


A small ritual at the end of manicure? It's a great way to finish the treatment and make your client feel special! Shea Elixir Indigo Seventh Heaven is a magical product which will help you. Thanks to a rich formula it will nourish your cuticles and add a shine to your nails. But the elixir will also enchant you with its amazing, heavenly scent. Seventh Heaven is a  is a floral-chypre composition based on notes of tangerine, rose and white flowers. A feminine and timeless combination - the most popular scent in Indigo collection

Why is Indigo Shea Elixir such amazing product? The secret lies in beneficial properties of a pure shea butter. Try for yourself how versatile is this magical ingredient, which nourishes, regenerates, rejuvenates and protects! Let it caress hands of your clients and take care of the nails and make your skin incredibly smooth!

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